What is possible to call “Norma” and some facts about healthy sexual life

Every man worries about his sexual health, but it is important to understand that every health is individual. It means that it is rather hard to find the same frames about all cases. Some of the men can be proud about long sex lasts time, others about a real strong shape of excited penis etc. So, appeared a lot of different variations about what is it “Norma” and now we will try to understand how to separate all of them to make the situation clear.

How long should sex last

It is important to mention that in different countries this point is rather different. If we talking about Indian, it is about 10-15 minutes, in America about 10-12 minutes, in countries of South Africa, it is about 20 minutes. So, as you can see different parts of our world shows not the same result, but why it so differs from each other? To answer this question, it is important to take a look at the features of mentality. There we can find some other points. They are:

– traditions;
– health features (they could be based on the climate’s features);
– preferences.

Traditions play a huge role in it. For example, in France, if a man can’t show sexual activity longer than 10 minutes, it means that he is not ready to be called a man. Of course, sometimes everything based on simple health’s features, but it is hard to explain to someone who is under the tradition’s influence. After such kind of “diagnosis”, it is rather hard to stay in shape. Most of a man start to go through different tests etc. to find real decision about how to make their sex last longer.
Sometimes after some medical tests, man get the result about his health’s features and it means that he need some support. In this situation modern medicine can offer the only one exit – learn able doses of a pill, which can protect such kind of support.
Preferences can bring expectations in the other way. For example, if we talking about a man who was born in African’s country and everyone around him was talking about their great sexual feats, it is rather hard to accept that you are not the same with them. So, if a man in such kind of situation wills ever heard that normal sex last time is about half an hour, he will probably try to find a way to reaching such kind of conditions.
The main idea is – it is not smart to pay attention to your county’s sexual time lasts traditions because all of us have own health’s features and it means that it is impossible to talk about same rules.

Another feature which could be about the “Norma”

In different tests, we understood one interesting fact – everything about sex should be without public’s attention. Anonymity of pill’s ordering and consultation should be on the high level because it is a shadow part of man’s life. So, that’s why we created some anonymous interviews and besides lasting time, we found a such number of sex’s quality criterions:

– genitals size;
– sex technics;
– temperament;
– penis’s hardness;
– the activity of the process.

Of course, all of them are too individual. On the base of our tests, we decided to make a statement – “Norma” it is when two people of a couple are happy with their sexual life. And it doesn’t matter if they prefer short time sex or a tantric version – in any cases, it should bring pleasure and a lot of comes. If there are problems with some of the points, it is always possible to take a pill and destroy them!