1) How to use Cialis if I used Viagra before?
In this case, you have a kind of advantage – you already know what to expect. Of course, changes between Cialis and Viagra are huge, but anyway, you can start from classic dosage (if there are no problems with your health). Just learn information about dosages and features.

2) How to stop the action of Cialis if I don’t want to have sex anymore?
It is impossible to stop without medical support. If you don’t want to have sex during pill’s lasting time, just avoid excitation. In the relaxed condition, you will feel you like without pill’s influence. It means that pill can bring no harm or inconvenience feelings.

3) Is it possible to change mental part with Cialis?
It is possible to bring you confidence – nothing’s more. If you afraid that after Cialis in your mental part will appear strange emotions, you should be sure that nothings like that can happen with you. To protect the best result, just use right dosage.

4) Are all Cialis the same?
No. This pill has own features and there are some famous recipes which can provide perfect result. We use only best of them and it means that if you want to create something special in your life, it is will be enough to use different kinds of Cialis. We should mention that all of them are safe.

5) Is it possible to use Cialis without woman’s acceptation?
Sex is an action where two people taking a huge part. It means that both of them should know what to expect. Cialis will bring you real power and woman will be rather surprised, so if you want to show it like your real power, be ready to keep this little secret. We recommend you to tell about pills because it will be fair.

6) How use Tadalafil if I want to create something special to the weekend?
Just use it like in instruction. If you already know real inhibitors action (already used some ED treatment), it is possible to start already from classic dosage. We can recommend you to use 100 mg – this dosage can bring maximal energy and make your sex special.

7) I always worry about side effects and after taking a pill I started nervously. What to do?
If we understand you clearly, you already Tadalafil user and you still worry about its effect?! You may be sure that if side effects still not appeared in your sexual life, there is nothing to worry about because problems with pill’s effect will make you know about them from the first minute. Just keep right dosage and relax.

8) Is it possible to take Tadalafil after alcohol?
In fact, it is a bad idea, because both of them have their own influence on the nervous system and it means that one could recover second. If you want to feel everything Tadalafil can bring into your sexual life, just stay away from such kind of things which can change your condition.